Video: Why is THIS Trending?

This video is literally so right on - I don't think I've ever seen anything encapsulate an aspect of my Twitter experience so well. Twitter is still my social media of choice, and I am always looking to see what's trending and this skit sums it up perfectly. I mean PERFECTLY.  

Sometimes Real Talk is needed.

SKIP AHEAD TO THE FOUR MINUTE MARK. Watched this video after it showed up in my Facebook feed today and it really struck a nerve with me as an educator. I work with a lot of students who probably don't see me as a mentor or as a role model for many possible reasons - … Continue reading Sometimes Real Talk is needed.

Video: Like a Girl Here's the thing. The comments on this video are outrageous. Men railing against Feminism because "Women are weaker - deal with it". So not the point of the video. Girls themselves at an older age are perpetuating the same ideas men are about what it means to throw like a girl, run like a … Continue reading Video: Like a Girl

Speaking of being Authentic…. Just saw this and had to share as a Part Two to my previous blog post. Funny Jimmy Kimmel video.