Video: Why is THIS Trending?

This video is literally so right on - I don't think I've ever seen anything encapsulate an aspect of my Twitter experience so well. Twitter is still my social media of choice, and I am always looking to see what's trending and this skit sums it up perfectly. I mean PERFECTLY.  

What’s a social media hipster?

I probably shouldn't even be writing without the thoughts of Paul Gordon Brown, because I bet he's got some seriously funny thoughts about this topic (challenge?) but I've recently been trying to conceptualize what a "Social Media Hipster" might be. I bet Portlandia would have a great version too. "And here’s what’s really insane about … Continue reading What’s a social media hipster?

A MUST see. The SlideShare of the Week. The #1 Mistake Made on Twitter.

Seriously, this will most likely blow your mind. Even if you've been on Twitter for some time, this maybe something you don't realize. If this isn't showing to the best of it's ability, please check out the link here.