Rethink Everything. It’s Summer.

Not sure about everyone in Student Affairs, but for me in Union & Activities - I thrive in the summer. Without too many distractions (maybe Orientation) I tend to have more time to sit back and evaluate. Annual reports, assessment reports and other written proof that what I do is worthy of the University's time … Continue reading Rethink Everything. It’s Summer.

The key to quantifying success in social media.

Quote from: The Social Media Measurement Manifesto: Yes we CAN, and already ARE measuring Social Media by Katie Delahaye Paine "But in the social media environment, the sheer volume of impressions is no longer what really counts. Social media encourages the development of relationships between people and products and/or organizations. And measuring these relationships, often by assessing … Continue reading The key to quantifying success in social media.

Assessment – Setting us up for failure?

FROM ONE+ The Argument Against Accountability by Douglas Rushkoff | December 08, 2010 | Here's a quote that I found interesting: For you in the meeting business, it’s precisely the same. The number of people who show up at your conference may be entirely less important than who they are, what they do and how much they … Continue reading Assessment – Setting us up for failure?