One Word 2017 – JOY!

joyI have Joy in my life – don’t get me wrong. This word choice is more about spreading joy more than finding joy. Here’s the thing. My original middle name was Joy. Jennifer Joy. I only changed it when I got married, when I wanted my maiden last name as my middle name. Anyhow – there’s a great Shel Silverstein poem with a Jennifer Joy in it:


So anyway – this past year – like three weeks ago – my co-workers and I came up with an idea to spread joy by getting Student Affairs staff to participate in line dance flash mobs, specifically the Cha Cha Slide and The Wobble. I sent out invites to the other offices in the University Union (and the rest of SA) and we had a great time. My co-workers and I called ourselves the Merry Makers and became a semi-secret group – dedicated to bringing smiles to students’ faces. ‘Cause you know – 2016.

joy-clipart-happyjoyThis experience really resonated with me and fit well with my 2016 word – unapologetic. If I thought these experiences would be fun and others were into it- why not? If my hubby wanted to make fun of me for having an advanced degree and using it for silliness like this – who cares?!! Sorry not sorry. It’s called Campus Activities. I knew it was a fun idea and I knew students would find it funny and that’s all that mattered.

I was unapologetic about where I stood during the election. I am and will always be unapologetic about wanting equal rights for women and for being a feminist. I will be unapologetic for having one child, for being a Star Wars fan and for jumping fully into my love for Jane Austen (I joined JASNA this year). And there’s more – but I we are in a new year now. joy_render

So let’s get back to JOY….

Joy is also one of the Association of College Unions International seven Core Values. This year, after nearly 15 years of volunteering with this professional organization, I put myself out there and ran for a Board of Trustees Member-At Large position. I was completely excited and humbled to be elected, and now will be serving the next two years in this important position. Bringing Joy with me is my new goal!


So what’s YOUR one word for 2017? I’d love to hear about it! Just comment below. Take care.


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