My favorite iOS 10 Feature

iphonegirlAudio won’t stop playing when the Camera app is open

Speaking of music, and audio in general, iOS 10 finally fixes one of the more frustrating aspects of iOS 9. For whatever reason, Apple in iOS 9 thought it would be a good idea to completely pause all audio playback when a user opens up the Camera app. In iOS 10, Apple has finally come to its senses as users can now listen to music or podcasts while simultaneously taking photos.

This is my favorite feature of this go round of Apple changes. I was completely frustrated that it wouldn’t multi-task with listening to music.

Considering my renewed love of podcasts, this is a must.

What’s your favorite new feature? I also am liking the handwritten instant messaging feature.

Learn more about new features here. Also this article, “iOS 10 packs features that will make your phone feel new” here.

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