Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2

A number of years ago I created a post about organizational desktop backgrounds and it has been one of the most popular articles on my site. I recently came across a few new ones that I really really liked, so I thought I’d write a new post featuring some new fun backgrounds.


This is the chalkboard background from Heather Moritz. She has many sizes available for free download and you can use the pre-selected headers for each category, or you can download the image without headers and make your own.I love the chalkboard look. Check out the site to really get a good sense of what it looks like.

Here’s more from Heather’s site:


the link to get images for this version above is  here.


and one here


these two can be found here

and then some bits here.

Another designer, Dawn Nicole Designs has some cute ones too here:




From Chic Type


From LostBumbleBee



From Paperclip Files




Hope you find something great that will help you desktop be lovely and organized!!



2 thoughts on “Organizational Desktop Wallpaper ROUNDUP #2

  1. Debbie says:

    Love these! Thanks for helping me get organized…at least my desktop. My house…not so much. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that the link for the paperclip files is no longer available. It appears the name is now for sale, so these, unfortunately, are in the black hole of cyberspace.

    Thanks for the great options, though.


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