What’s a social media hipster?

I probably shouldn’t even be writing without the thoughts of Paul Gordon Brown, because I bet he’s got some seriously funny thoughts about this topic (challenge?) but I’ve recently been trying to conceptualize what a “Social Media Hipster” might be. I bet Portlandia would have a great version too.

“And here’s what’s really insane about the whole hipster label. As cool as we all think we are, there’s some underground movement happening right now, I don’t even know what it is, that’s way cooler than anyone can imagine. I get glimpses of it online. Someone sent me a link to a video of some DJ. I didn’t know who he was, and he was playing some huge venue that was completely sold out. We think we’re on top of what music is? We have no idea. There’s stuff that’s so ahead of us, there isn’t even a name for it yet. Those are the real hipsters. So what you’re saying, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that if you’re hip enough to know who the real hipsters are, you’re way too hip to be using empty buzzwords like “hipster”?  Yes. Absolutely. I believe that’s one hundred percent true.” – Fred Armisen talking to MTV.

Beards are out now for hipsters because apparently the biggest known model who started the beard trend wasn’t getting any gigs, so he’s ditching the beard and now all men are expected to follow suit. But just for fun – here’s an article about hot old men hipsters and here’s one about a British hipster cop.

I’d love to visit Brooklyn 1. Because I never have and 2. I hear that’s where you can see real live hipsters in their natural Williamsburg habitat.

Here’s a hipster chart:

Back to Social Media.

What does a social media hipster look like? In my head, most hipsters are in their 20- early 30’s  (this was correct according to Urban Dictionary) – so do these folks use Snapchat? I’m almost 40 so I have no idea what those kids are into. I feel like they would be more into Instagram more than anything else. I mean, they need to rep their authenticity and personal style first and foremost and I think that would be best served on Instagram. 

I know college students and they like Snapchat…but a hipster? I would think maybe not – but maybe I could be wrong. I remember someone I would consider pretty hip getting me into Twitter way back when. I think a true hipster is just on the cusp of things naturally because they are connected to either what’s new or they just look for counter-culture social media.

Web luminaries like Seth Godin, Jeff Jarvis, Chris Brogan, Gary Vaynerchuk and others are “peddlers of a bill of goods” according to B.J. Mendelson whose new book “Social Media is Bullshit” calls these men “Internet intellectuals (or Cyber Hipsters)”. I was actually wondering if the ultimate hipster would actually be someone who rejects social media completely or just uses old media like MySpace ironically. The hard part is true hipster social media comes and goes like Ello the anti-Facebook. 

So what do you think? What’s hipster social media? No media at all? A typewriter?

p.s. Need a hipster name for your website/business/etc? Here you go!

So here are some articles I perused as I was researching that I found interesting/funny:

A hipster’s take on social media.

Tech professionals are basically total hipsters.

10 Music Apps You Need to Become the Hipster You Always Dreamed Of

How Hipster Are You Actually?

Hipster Hobby Generator

p.s.s The Most Hipster Hipster You’ll Ever See. This guy clearly doesn’t need social media.


I knew Paul Gordon Brown would have written something about hipsters and college students! I give you: Hipster U’s Student Involvement Fair.

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