#sillydance4ALS – Let’s do this!

As some of you know that follow me on Facebook, I have a cousin who was diagnosed with ALS about two months ago. Last month was ALS Awareness Month and I shared information and etc all through the month, but still wanted to do more. I have been trying to find a way that I can help being so far from Cincinnati and my cousin and tonight it clicked. I came up with an idea and I would like to just put this out there and see what happens.11224171_10153533829292573_4999187266349890763_n

My cousin is a DJ. She first started noticing she was tripping over her feet and that was odd – but when her hands started to give her issues – that was a game changer. This woman loves her music and spent her life sharing that love with others. I pulled my inspiration from this image.

“Before I Die I Want to Dance.” Dance for Harv. Yes! I can do this. I can dance for Harv and I can dance to help spread awareness of ALS. I’d like you to help as well. If you know Harv – please use both #Dance4Harv and this new one here:


Here’s the deal:

Film yourself dancing to your favorite music but silly it up! Post it on social media. Donate what you can to the ALS Association. (Or if you want to help someone directly – you could always help out my cousin.) Get others to donate and film their own silly dance.

If it’s an Instagram video – you only have 10 seconds – so dance, but then put the important information in your description. Suggested possible text:

  • I’m doing a #sillydance4ALS to bring awareness to a disease with no known cause or cure.
  • The bucket challenge got us started last year, but this year we’re dancing and finding our joy. #sillydanceALS
  • I’m doing a #sillydance4ALS since 30,000 other Americans cannot. I’m dancing for them.

Then tag others you’d like to see also doing a silly dance.

If it’s a Facebook post – you have a little more time. You might want to start out your video with a quick explanation of what you are doing and why. Then, just like the Ice Bucket Challenge – call out some friends you’d like to see do their silly dance. A possible intro:

  • Hi, this – YOUR NAME – and I’m doing a Silly Dance for ALS. I’m dancing for others who cannot and will be making a small donation to the ALS Association. I liked to call out three friends to show me their best silly dance as well: THREE FRIENDS NAMES.

Get as creative as possible. Think through your music choice, the location you dance in. Feel free to make more than one on more than one social media. I’m excited to see what you come up with and I will put my videos here as soon as I make them.

If you thoughts, comments or suggestions as to how to make this go better, go farther, make more money or make more sense – whatever – please contact me!

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