NASPA announces Sexual Assault Prevention campaign. #SApledge

This morning, President Barack Obama announced a sexual assault awareness campaign called “It’s On Us”. The campaign, which focuses on college and university campuses, challenges everyone to see sexual assault prevention as their personal responsibility. As a student affairs professional, you know how critical and complex this issue is.

As your professional association, NASPA supports the campaign and is asking student affairs professionals around the globe to sign a pledge. The pledge, called the #SApledge, lists ways that we, as student affairs professionals, can be part of the solution to end gender-based violence.

Please join us by pledging your commitment to end gender-based violence. We already know you are committed to this issue – let’s show the world that student affairs professionals are part of the solution. We hope to collect thousands of signatures by the end of the year. To learn more about the It’s On Us campaign, please visit the NASPA violence prevention website. Also, for your reference, I have included the full text of the pledge below:

I pledge:

  • To learn and talk openly about sexual assault, related forms of gender-based violence, and their basis in inequality with my colleagues and students.
  • To speak out, challenge, and seek to change negative gender stereotypes, sexism, and rape culture when I see them in myself or on my campus.
  • To listen to, believe, and assist victims of gender-based violence to continue and succeed in their education.
  • To work with colleagues and students to educate our campuses on how to prevent violence and the inequalities that create violence.
  • To be part of the solution to end all forms of gender-based violence on my campus and beyond.

You can also help us reach thousands by participating in our It’s On Us campaign Thunderclap event. A Thunderclap amplifies a single message and reaches beyond your social circle. Join our Thunderclap now by clicking here, and your message will be published next Friday, Sept. 26th at 2:00 p.m. EST. Join us at that time @NASPAtweets to keep the conversation going!

When you sign the pledge, you will also have the opportunity to share the ways your institution is preventing gender-based violence on campus. Sign the #SApledge. Share your story. Make a difference. Take a stand against sexual assault and all gender-based violence.


Kevin Kruger, Ph.D.
President, NASPA

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