Chickering’s Status Update: Student Development Theory Remixed for Social Media

Thought this was a really thorough article and wanted to share it with everyone.

Josie Ahlquist

It is important to understand college students experiences with social media from a student development perspective.  Woven into their daily lives, technology tells a story of their development, transition and college success.  Some students have a digital footprint as early as Myspace, from their parents’ baby photo postings.  Access to social media sites is typically officially allowed around 13, but students can find their way online earlier.

By the time a students comes to college, social media has already impacted and influenced their development and identity.  With no formalized theory of student digital identity, the transitions, stages or phases of social media use for young adults are not crystal clear.

Social media aside, young adults experience a significant amount of development during their college age years.  A variety of research, including theories and frameworks, provide reference throughout the entire developmental process.  Starting with identity development, psychology lays the groundwork throughout…

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