NCCWSL for the Undecided. Come to my session on Friday!

 I’m so excited to be presenting on Friday as part of the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders put on by NASPA and AAUW. Today I noticed that the sessions have been nicely joined into possible tracks for the student leaders and mine falls under the “Undecided” track.

NCCWSL for the Undecided

You know that you’re about to rock the world. You’re just not sure how yet. That’s fine — powerful even — because you have the ability to choose the field, or even fields, where you’ll spend your future. For your NCCWSL experience, figure out where you want to take your amazing potential, network with others to see if their career routes interest you, and chat with some of our experts who made their own way.

Workshops just for you:

  • Session 1
    • Take Charge of Your Financial Future
  • Session 2
    • Turning Your Passion into a Career: The NASPA Undergraduates Fellows Mentoring Program
  • Session 3
    • She’s Not My Friend; She’s My Colleague
    • Getting into Graduate School
  • Session 4
    • Personal Accountability for Success

No matter who you are or where you’re headed, this is your NCCWSL, and the possibilities are endless. While we provide the sessions, speakers, and tools you need for success, you decide the way that NCCWSL empowers you.

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