Tech Lady Tuesday! Two for One!

“Hello? You want me to push what button? Sorry Sir this printer is really loud and right by my ear. Yes sir…”

J. Presper Eckert describes this type of computer in his speech “Industry Science & Technology in Last Third of the Century, 1966” as “…general purpose terminal for a computer. It contains a control panel, a high speed line printer, card reading and punching equipment….” (p. 11). Written on verso side is “Fig. 12”. Written in pencil on small white strip included with binder is “1337”.

Credit to Michael Umbricht and his Pinterest board “Women in Computer Ads”.

Here’s another lady with the same model. I like how she’s hunched over. It actually looks like she’s actively using this machine. That’s a change!

This is a black and white image of a woman sitting down and pushing a button or switch on the Univac console with her left hand. Console is labeled “UNIVAC” followed by what looks like “DCT 2000”. There is a printer on the left side of the image. Written in pencil on small white round label on original protective sleeve is “1255-4”

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