The seriously awesome ACPA14 Pecha Kucha speech by Joe Ginese.

Big props to Joe – I could tell on Twitter that people enjoyed this and getting to finally check it out tonight I totally agree! High energy, inspirational, well thought out – it was great! I had no idea he was such a great speaker. Mostly because we’ve never met in real life. I’ve never seen him present. He’s in my pyramid though, so I should have known he’d rock it out. I agreed with everything he said and have highlighted a few top thoughts.

Keys points I liked:

  • Don’t talk to folks about their flights and their job titles at conferences. Ask them about their goals, their experiences etc. “Job Titles hold no value”.
  • Pyramid of networking. Summit (inner circle), Middle (folks you’d call / have coffee with), Base (“The Lurkers of Your Life”).
  • “The size of your pyramid does not matter.”
  • Not Working to Networking.
  • “I don’t want to hear your elevator speech.” He wants to hear your Family Feud introduction.
  • “F” people – Ask them about Food, Family, Friends, Favorites and watch stories flow.
  • What values will YOU bring to your networking?
  • Find your tribe. This takes years. Won’t happen overnight. But totally worth it.

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