Pick up the phone and make something happen.

So here’s the thing. I’m not the Imageusual old fogie who gets all angry and starts complaining about all the new tech and how it keeps us from connecting as humans etc. I love technology. Here’s my thought though – sometimes we forget to use our basic communication skills sometimes. Sure we can text someone from our phones. We can message them from Facebook Messenger while utilizing super cute emojis. (I love those).

You can indicate feelings via emojis and quotes and those annoying Facebook posts that keep us all in suspense due to no context (“I can’t just believe this!”, “Ugh, could my day get worse?”,”Pray for our family today!”) in which you’re begging for us to ask you what’s up etc…but you can only answer in a sentence reply…and you may regret posting something in the first place…you know the type I’m talking about.

Here’s a thought. How about you take a moment to breathe and think. Allow yourself to say “I need to talk this out”.  You may need to spend some significant time dealing with your situation/emotions/thoughts.

Also, you may be in a situation where you just need help from colleagues. You have run into a problem, a life decision that involves a job move, you may have a difficult conversation on the horizon, and you need to talk it out. Here’s what I say  – PICK UP THE PHONE AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. coldcallobjection

I have had two incredibly meaningful and helpful conversations within the last week and I’m so grateful that the two colleagues (professionals at other institutions) I spoke with were willing to pick up the phone and call me. One conversation was requested, the other I requested. Each time I ended the conversation thinking “I wish more folks would reach out via the phone and talk to each other.”

Enter technology. These days a phone can be the corded kind, the cellular kind, or even Skype, or Google+ chat. The point is – call someone. Hear their voice. Set aside a decent amount of time to speak with them. Give them a heads up OR not. Surprise someone and have a quick chat if you don’t have a large problem. Choose talking over emailing or texting. Think about it, because I think it might actually make your day.



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