Tech Lady Tuesday

I love that this week’s Tech Lady actually comes with some background. Okay, so it’s the computer that has the background – but at least we know this IS a computer and not a air conditioning unit. And man, the relationship between this lady and this machine…it must be powerful. She has kicked off her shoes, she’s lovingly looking up at Vax (the machine’s name). Vax must have saved the day for her…again. Good job VAX.

This image was supplied this week by the folks that run The Retro-Computing Society of RI – preserving and restoring historic computers. (Open house on the 3rd Saturday of each month.) My image for next week came from them as well – so hats off to this awesome group!

Here’s the skinny on this machine: 1988. The first offering in the VAX 6000 series was the midrange VAX 6200, which was built on three key technologies: the DIGITAL CMOS VLSI VAX processor (the CVAX chip), a symmetric multiprocessing hardware and software environment, and the VAXBI I/O interconnect.

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