Start thinking now about the @ACUIConference Silent Auction!

Start thinking now about the @ACUIConference Silent Auction!

What will you donate this year?

Registration is now open to donate to this year’s 100th Anniversary Celebration! I hope everyone I know who is coming to Orlando in April will find the coolest things to donate.

I’ve already convinced a few folks at this past weekend’s Region 2 conference to donate very similar items to the annual conference because there were actual bidding battles happening.

Best idea I saw – even if not intentional – a parent and kid package. Basically it was two bottles of BBQ sauce and a mascot stuffed animal. An item for the parents, and something to bring home for the kids! I would encourage folks to consider this. Maybe even things for the pets at home! Get creative. What would YOU like to see at an auction? What would YOU bid on? Ladies, this weekend a Vera Bradley bag went for $37. That’s a steal!

If you do have questions, let me know!! Register your items here!

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