What’s in my bag.

What's in Jennifer's bag this week.

What’s in Jennifer’s bag this week.

 In a blog post on the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech blog, Brenda Bethman posted a picture of her work bag and what was in it. She also mentioned a Tumblr site from bag company Timbuk2 that has photos everyday of people’s bags and the contents.

I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot of my bag.

I have a small Timbuk2 bag that is decorated with the Irish flag colors. I’ve had it for years now, but’s a great rugged bag. It was definitely an investment.

So as you can see from the shot above (which you can click on to make bigger if you really want to stare at my stuff), here’s what in my bag:

  1. My big fat Vera Bradley wallet. I needs my space.
  2. My Late Nite Binghamton lanyard with zippered pouch which has my work keys and ID.
  3. Small makeup bag.
  4. iPad 2 with Moleskine cover.
  5. Sony voice recorder. I don’t know why I always carry this around. I guess you never know.
  6. Same with the Flip recorder. I have my iPhone 5 which takes great video, but sometimes I’ll be at event and I’ll take little snippits of video and I know I’ll be able to edit them together easily.
  7. Car keys.
  8. New York Magazine. I love magazines. I use a lot of mileage points to get subscriptions.
  9. Charger.
  10. Stick and Peel tabs.
  11. Moo cards in a felt holder.
  12. Biscoff cookies. It’s been so cold this winter, so I love a late afternoon cup of tea with these.
  13. My New York Times pen.
  14. Highlighter/Pen.
  15. My name tag. It usually ends up in my bag ’cause I take it off on the way home after an event.
  16. Headphones.
  17. You can barely see it, but my Moleskine calendar.
  18. My iPhone would be in the picture, but I needed it obviously to take this shot in the first place.

Fun times.

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