Scheduling posts still makes you authentic.

I see these points definitely. Folks who don’t have a plan for their content aren’t being as strategic as they could be. For the average user, making sure there is good content constantly isn’t something one thinks about. But if you are trying to establish an online identity, build your reputation or if you are handling the social media for your department, organization etc. you need to consider these points.


I have often explained that social media is like a freeway. Each car flying by is content you and others are posting in their feeds. You have to have enough relevant, valuable cars (content) on the road every day outside of RT’s and shares, so that whenever your audience steps up to the side of the freeway, one of YOUR cars fly by that is inline with your proper content strategy.

I recently asked this question to my community; How many times per day do you post in social media and how many are scheduled and how many are live?

Of those using social media for marketing, I was amazed at how many proudly stated something like “I only post manually!” Over half of the people who responded to my question were basically saying that when and how many posts they infuse in their streams is directly related…

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