One Word 2012 Wrap Up

Last year around this time (Dec. 21st) I chose STRENGTH as my one word for the upcoming year.

Big Reveal: #OneWord Resolution for 2012.

“This is the kind of inner-strength that applies to a person who has will-power and can inspire themselves to do great things. This word can also be the creed of a person that always pursues self-improvement.”

The interesting thing was that as I sat down to think about my one word and how I’d say I did with this over the course of the year, I was also reading about GRACE. Something was saying that maybe my word should have been Grace over Strength, but then I remembered that this was the whole point.

Most likely, I choose to live my life with Grace most of the time and that’s great. This past year I wanted to go above and beyond and find that inner Strength that I needed to push and motivate me.

I started the year STRONG as these things tend to go – I lost 12 pounds from doing Zumba with a group of ladies at work and then at the Jewish Community Center where my daughter goes to daycare. I tried to act in spite of my fears. I worked on trusting my intuition and live a courageous life. I tried to just breathe.

And its been an interesting year.

Been through five bosses in 2 years, but three specifically this year. Breathe. Ever changing expectations. Breathe in strength and release fear.

Changes came hard and fast when the new Dean of Students was hired after a national search. She’s wonderful, she’s someone I enjoy working for and things are looking brighter than they ever have before on the work front. I choose to be unstoppable.

Life has always been wonderful at home, and now I’ve been living in Binghamton seven years and in my little house five years, and married to my husband for almost nine and my daughter is almost four. Time is drifting by and I draw from a deep well of peace and calm. I act in spite of my fears.

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