Tech Lady Tuesday!

It’s a late submission – but it’s here – and it was soooo worth the wait right?

So incredibly ridiculous. Why is this necessary? Why is this hot chick hanging out in her nightie by this gigantic “Computer Space”? So many questions that will never get answered. I love that she’s wearing a huge necklace too. It really dresses up the look. And whatever the heck this “Computer Space” module is – it only has a few buttons – so it must be super easy to operate! You can deal with your computer stuff while flirting with your secretary who came over for some drinks. What?!?!

One thought on “Tech Lady Tuesday!

  1. John Ohno says:

    This might have been an advertisement for an early attempt at marketing SpaceWar as an arcade game, since ‘Computer Space’ was its name. (Notably, they utterly failed to make a profit, and then Atari released pong and kicked their asses with cheaper cabinets.)


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