New #SAWTT Blog Post.

See the original post (with photos) here.

Love yourself some Instagram?

Here are  two ways to indulge this holiday season.

Have a ton of photos you’d love to have with you always? Want to turn your photos into a cool Holiday gift? Here’s a round up of some cool ideas and websites to get started:

  • :: Mini-books are $12 for two 50 photo books. Also really neat rip-off-the-day calendars, and sticker books for $10 with 252 stickers.
  • Make a bracelet from your shots on Etsy.
  • Instagram magnets. From Each StickyGram is 50mm x 50mm. That’s approximately the same size as they appear on your iPhone. They come in packs of 9.
  • Blow your pics up and turn them into a work of art – on canvas.
  • Make calendars via apps called Calendagram or Keepsy.

Love instagram? Or know someone who uses it constantly? Buy them something Instagram related:

Either way, have fun taking photos with the changing of the season and all the fun times ahead of you during the Holidays.

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