Tech Lady Tuesday!

Somehow this looks like a still from a television show or something. Like behind the scenes of a really boring newsroom.

I like how the woman with the typewriter/computer thing looks like she’s pondering what she wants to type. Hmmmm….

Notice the tape marks on the upper corners of this shot. Wonder what this used to be taped to and why. And without seeing his desk, I’m wondering what the heck the dude in the shot is looking at. Blinking buttons?

3 thoughts on “Tech Lady Tuesday!

  1. Tia says:

    I really love your blog. I am interested in student affairs(ie advising and student activities). Any tips for someone wanting to pursue this field. Thanks!


    • Jennifer Keegin says:

      We should chat! Feel free to email me anytime at Tips from me would be to get as much programming experience under your belt as you can. When I did Res Life, I programmed two proms so I could show I was programming. As far as Student Affairs in general – most of us do ’cause we love it – not for the $$$. We enjoy working with students and like to have fun! But seriously – hit me up anytime with questions!


  2. Tia says:

    I greatly appreciate the quick reply and the offer to let me email you. I know this time is very busy. Hope you have a productive and great semester.

    Thanks again


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