Spring Fling 2012

Photo from Pipe Dream student newspaper.

Spring Fling was definitely interesting this year. Having to move locations and plan for a rain site etc. was a big challenge, but thanks to new President Harvey Stenger, we were able to hold Spring Fling on the Peace Quad and up by the University Union. This is quite a big deal. Usually, no event is allowed on the Quad with the exception of University Fest (another event I work with in the Fall). This has been the policy per President request as long as anyone can remember. Due to construction and renovation projects, we needed a temporary location. After discussion with the Student Association Programming Board, our new President decided it was ok. Big thanks to President Stenger for that. It was a huge success.

Vimeo Video of the Day from the Pipe Dream student newspaper staff.

Okay, so after the day carnival portion (1pm-6pm) THEN there was the Timeflies/The Cataracs/PASSION PIT concert in the Events Center:


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