How Tech has enhanced my life recently.

This post was originally published on the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech blog. I meant to post it a week ago.

Writing blog posts for a women’s blog, a women’s tech blog on a regular basis is challenging, and yet – I always manage to find something that I have inside me that I want to share with other women who are interested in Tech. Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

Social Media Week: I’m knee deep in a week’s worth of events for our University revolving around Social Media. Taking the example of Bridgewater State University, I designed a week’s worth of topics which were turned into “Nooner Events”. LinkedIn, Cyber Stalking, Creating an Online Identity, and Google + Hangouts will all be covered. At first this series of events was created to fulfill the desires of my superiors to see more programming come from Campus Activities separate from the events done by the Dean of Students and the Late Nite Binghamton program. The great thing is that it truly fit with an interest I already have – a passion really – and turn it into something fun to plan. Already today I have conversations with “fringe” students about Social Media (when they just came into the room for free pizza). I’m truly interested to see where this goes by the end of the week. We have blog prompts everyday and also there is a Social Media Challenge where the winner will get a new Kindle Fire.

The Power of Social Media: Our Greek system is currently on lockdown due to numerous reports of serious hazing going on during this pledge session. All pledging has stopped and several incidents are under investigation. The most interesting thing about this situation on this campus is how fast the word got out via social media and the effects it has had on the campus community. In one day I saw the Greek Advisor go from deciding a course of action, to having a plan, to the local newspaper attending the emergency meeting planned for all Greek Presidents. I saw this notice via Twitter. Next thing we knew the next day the University was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article and then later that day a NY Times article. Then came the slew of parent phone calls and desperate students “dropping” in our office to see who was in trouble. Bad news travels FAST.

Skype: My parents live in Seattle. I live in Upstate NY. We Skype. My daughter has been Skyping since she was two weeks old. But here’s what I found amazing this week. My parents are getting ready to retire this year and sell their house. They are packing everything up to stage the house. Via Skype my mother was able to show me items that she wanted to know if I wanted to save or not. This cut out so much time. Instead of writing a list of items down, or taking pictures of everything – she was able to go through three large containers full of cassette tapes to see if I still wanted them. (I have a cassette player in my car. It was a used car when I bought it.) This would have been so much more complicated without Skype.

So that’s what’s on my brain this week. Has Tech enhanced your life this week?

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