#SMWbingU Blog Prompt Day #2 – If you could Skype or Hangout w/anyone – who and why?

If you could Skype or Google + Hangout with anyone living today – who would it be and why?

Tina Fey Part One

Tina Fey Part Two

I would love to Skype Tina Fey. She’s my hero. Ever since she became the news person on Saturday Night Live – I’ve just watched her and learned. Learned that you can wear glasses and have brown hair and be smart and witty and hilarious. (Granted I think Rachel Maddow also achieves most of this, but Tina is more my level and I can relate). I learned that deciding to have a second child is something that isn’t just a completely easy/done decision and that it takes alot of thought and care.

What would we talk about? I would probably just let her talk about her day. Work, kids – whatever. I think I could listen to her talk about cleaning the bathroom she’s so funny. I might ask her about her worries and hopes for her daughters and stuff like that.

Who would YOU Skype or Hangout with?

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