#SMWbingU Blog Prompt #1 – How does Social Media fit into your life?

As the creator of Social Media Week (for Binghamton University’s campus, I am in no way a trailblazer with Social Media Weeks), I felt it necessary to lead the way in encouraging blogs and blogging during Social Media Week. All blogs that I find out about via Facebook and Twitter, I will be listing on the Campus Activities Blog It Out! page.

How does Social Media fit into your life?

Since this may be the first time some folks have ever visited my .com site and might not know me – I can tell you that social media plays a huge part of my life. I was a Mass Communication major in college and that was right when “the internet” became a thing. I took a course on html and that’s back in the day when you could put words on a screen with a background image and everyone thought that was amazing.

I joined Facebook in 2006 because back then, you could look to see what all the users for your university liked. Top movies, top musicians etc. As the University Programming Board advisor, that was valuable information. It became so valuable that you can’t get that kind of info anymore.

A co-worker that no longer works at Binghamton U taught me about Twitter. I didn’t really get Twitter until Jon Stewart came to campus and I realized that I could tweet something unique – a behind-the-scenes look at what was going on backstage. Now-a-days I like Twitter even more than Facebook. The information you can get instantly off Twitter is so much more valuable. And witty.

I use Facebook primarily for friends and family only. Twitter is used for information sharing and my network includes other student affairs professionals, friends, family, and people in other professions that I can learn from. Yes, I follow a bunch of celebrities and businesses too.

I am also on Google +, but I haven’t put much time and effort into really grooming my circles although I have gotten better at it. I feel as a women it’s important to get on a social network mostly dominated by men, but feel that I enjoy Pinterest.com WAY more. Who’s with me?

So that’s a brief look at how social media and social networks fit into my life. I hope others in the Binghamton community will participate in Blog It Out! and will respond to our daily blog prompts.

Here’s to blogging!

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