All About Tech Pre-Conference Recap.

I had an early start to my day due to the fact that I was presenting a Pre-Conference session called “All About Technology”. So as others are arriving and checking in, I was up and packing three bags full of gadgets and computers to take downstairs.

Presenting a session entitled “All About Technology” in 45 minutes is pretty much an insurmountable task. Once I got going, we only had 15 minutes left and still had to cover Social Media! What all did we talk about?

To begin with, we went over what Technology even means (tools and machines to solve real world problems), and what types of tech folks were using to solve their College Union & Activities problems. Comments from the attendees included ways they used iPads on their campuses and how learning what tools are already available on our campuses via Info Tech or Communications & Marketing is important.

When we did get to Social Media we went through all the elements needed to participate in the conference’s Social Media Challenge. Most folks weren’t especially interested in Google+ and weren’t using in their offices. We even hit on Pinterest at the very end and I had a chance to mention that it was the new hot thing that some institutions were getting involved in and showed them our Campus Activities site.

At beginning I also showed this funny video which highlights that all tech takes time to learn when it’s new.

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