Filling in the gaps with Tech.

by Jennifer Keegin

A posting that went out today by Sarah Stroud on ACUI’s Commons was about job titles and how you explain your job to others who don’t understand what the title means in terms of day to day job functions. At the end of the post, there were some questions asked that triggered something in me and made me want to add an extra component to them. Just like adding “in bed” to your fortune cookie message, I added “tech” to each of these questions:

  • What does your title mean to you in terms of technology if at all?
  • What does your title mean to those you work with in terms of technology and the knowledge you have in this area?
  • What is one thing you do on a regular basis that is completely behind-the-scenes to everyone else in your office in terms of technology?
  • How would you like to expand your position with technology?

So with that, here are my answers to those questions.

  1. My title is Associate Director for Campus Activities. What this means in a general sense in terms of technology would be that I have a background in marketing/communications and using technology to enhance the quality of my work. Any activity needs good advertising and buzz about it – I use social media and other outlets to make this happen. This is what first comes to my mind.
  2. To others – when you think of Activities – I would imagine most folks think of inflatables, concerts, and themed events. Technology there would include how to operate sound systems, lights, and a basic understanding of electricity and what those needs are for various equipment.
  3. Again, I’m going to have to say my behind the scenes deal is social media. Mostly Twitter. I live Tweet almost everything. I also co-host the College Union & Activities Discussion (#CUAD) podcast every two weeks and very few people other than folks around the Dean of Students area, know that I even do that.
  4. How would I like to expand? I’m always looking to expand my knowledge of tech in regards to how its utilized in the Student Union. New gadgets, software, electronics – all that. I always want to know more.

So what about you? Where does tech fit into who you are and how you’re viewed in your position at your institution? Do you need to change that mindset? Or just put your awesome talents out there more? Please feel free to comment below.

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