Tech Lady Tuesday – Missed post.

So a lot has been going on around here. My boss, the Dean of Students, is being replaced which caused a lot of upheaval at work. My little one has her 3rd Birthday tomorrow and has been up the 3 nights coughing her brains out. AND Zumba is doing a number on my ankles. So between work, workout and home – I’ve been way distracted.

WHICH MEANS I missed this week’s Tech Lady Tuesday. SO – Without further ado – here’s our Tech Lady for this week:

This machine punches AND sorts! How nice. What a cute little image. This lady is SO happy to be hitting that red button. There must have been lots of cards that needed to be sorted. So much data! Can anyone tell me what the heck the purpose of these cards were? They’re written in  what looks like braille, so I have no idea about usage and purpose.

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