#OneWord reflection from 2011

My word from this past year was SOUL. Here’s a quote from my post regarding why I chose this word:

“But there are a few reasons I picked Soul. I want to move through Life this year with Purpose and do it with SOUL. Do things with my “total self” and come from a place that is an “active and essential part” of who I am. Do things with fervor so others will know why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

I didn’t have too hard a time working with this thought. I always try to do things with my whole self, but had been getting bogged down in the day to day with my job and wanted to be able to see the big picture and to be able to get out from the trenches. I said:

“I want to take all this [the stress etc.] and wrap it in a blanket of remembrance of SOUL. Why I do what I do. Why these programs are important. Why I chose to go into Student Affairs. Why it’s important to teach students the ways to act and to be responsible.”

When I got word that I was able to hire a program coordinator in March, everything started turning around for me.

  • I had more time to breathe and time to spend with my little one and my husband.
  • I had time to critically look at what was going on in the big picture with my job.
  • On August 15, Mike Coleman and I went live with the very first College Union & Activities Discussion (#CUAD) podcast on BreakDrink.com.
  • I moderated a few #CUAD chats on Twitter and helped frame other chats that I didn’t moderate.
  • I taught Strengths Quest to two completely different set of students: First Year Experience and Senior Year Experience.
  • I got to speak to a Masters class (Higher Admin.) about my job, why I went into Student Affairs and etc. which was one of the most rewarding experiences I had all year.
  • Went on several summer trips with the family to Lake Ontario region, Lake George, and Vermont/New Hampshire.
  • I held many of my Event Staff security student workers extremely accountable this year.
  • I attended NASPAtech and presented with two fabulous women a “Women Talk Tech” mini-institute. (Kristen Abel & Cindy Kane) which started a whole new commitment to developing my knowledge in the tech area.
  • I became an aunt again. I have a niece and nephew on my husband’s side – but this was my brother (my only sibling’s) first child. A beautiful little girl named Natalie Rose.

So I’m proud of everything I accomplished this year, and I think I did do it with SOUL.

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