My super special button/Choosing My Attitude.!/StacyLOliver/status/65408334404141057

Check out the article.Here was my response:

Preach on! I am huge on choosing your attitude and I guess it usually boils down for me to a situation where when things are at their worst – if I need to – I have to choose the way in which I speak about my anger, frustration or disappointment while students are around. I keep things respectful or take myself out of a situation that I know will lead to inappropriate “sharing” due to overwhelming stress or etc.

I have to share this because this is down the same vein – super stressful week this week for me. I’m in charge of Leadership Awards night followed by Spring Fling on Saturday. I am choosing my attitude and in doing so I’m wearing a pin that says I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL. I chose to go with the ridiculous to help soften the manic.

Here’s my with my button:

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