My windmill is spinning again…Finally!

Came across this article today, “Why I’m In The Heart To Heart Resuscitation Business.” Even though the author, Peter G. James Sinclair, writes in very “touchy-feeley” language that might put off other folks, I did like this part of his explanation of his descriptor:

Most people I meet have brilliance residing within, but they simply require a fresh wind to blow across their path so that the windmill of their purpose spins once again, thus bringing to the surface the life-giving flow that will sustain them all the way to their magnificent future.

I do believe that this idea can be the key to the motivation of others. I have first-hand experience with needing a “fresh wind” to blow across my path. That happened to me last week when the Vice President of Student Affairs came to a Dean of Students staff meeting. He talked about many things that were interesting, but when he spoke about where we should be headed as a DOS staff he said some key things that helped my “windmill of purpose” spin again. Four pages into a proposal for the campus activities area, I was still buzzing off the brain power sparked by only a few words/phrases: co-curricular, measured outcomes, transferable skills, “Our ‘thing’ is academic excellence”. Got it and got it. Not new vocabulary words to someone in student affairs, but hearing a clear message like that, a directive if you will – blew significant wind my direction.

So hopefully that “magnificent future” Mr. Sinclair is speaking of will follow shortly. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or something as exciting. Realistically? I’ll continue off the power of my windmill having found a flow that will sustain me.

What words or phrases would get your windmill going? Words of vision? Words of encouragement? Words of love?

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