Using that other degree.

To the other Student Affairs folks out there in Social Media land – Do you ever find yourself leaning heavily on your Undergraduate degree/knowledge?

Since the restructuring of the Campus Life Office, I have found that my background in Mass Communication is called upon daily to help with all sorts of tasks, committees, and programs.

From a Dean of Students marketing committee, to helping revamp various websites, maintaining all social media outlets for my area, helping other professionals establish Facebook or Twitter sites, designing various flyers/posters and drafting press release newsletter type articles – this has all been crucial to my contributions to the greater good recently.

What about you? Do you find yourself falling back on your first degree sometimes? I’d love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “Using that other degree.

  1. Julia says:

    My undergraduate major in Community Recreation has served me well on getting our money’s worth for team-building and other training programs (especially high ropes courses). Also the practical element of managing large programs & event planning.


    • Jennifer Keegin says:

      Do you have high ropes on campus? Very cool. I wish more Rec folks would hook up with Activities folks for more interactive events and fun training programs!


  2. TJ says:

    I have a civil engineering undergrad and find it extremely helpful advising at a tech heavy school. I can relate to the demands of engineering coupled with involvement. Even had a president of the programming board who was an engineer, which is what I did. Also my background helps significantly this time of year with budgets and spreadsheets.


    • Jennifer Keegin says:

      Ah yes. That NC State thing. Very big there. The demands of engineering classes are definitely an issue and I’m sure they appreciate having someone around who can relate.


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