Excerpt from ACUI NYC Conference 2010 Blog post

Yes, I know what’s going on – I basically just had a cream filled donut and now was purchasing a cupcake! I get it.

But that’s the point of traveling and taking a break out of our busy lives in Student Affairs to stop and enjoy things for ourselves sometimes. I think that we get very used to serving others in this profession and while that’s noble and good – we need to remember that we cannot help anyone else if we cannot keep our energy, vitality and strength up. I love coming to ACUI Conferences because I leave feeling energized and happy. I have friends here that I don’t get to see very often anymore – but I always feel like I just saw them and it really warms my heart just to see their faces. I’m excited this year to be making so many new friends from social networking sites (who knew?) and to meet them and continue the dialogue started on the web. I hope that everyone who attends this conferences finds happiness, enjoys something (food, theater, art, networking, etc.) that just makes you pause and consider how wonderful that moment was. That’s my wish for you all. Now go and find that moment!!!!

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